Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who's your daddy.....

Okay, here's a new one on me.

Gal comes in to have a baby, which she is giving up for adoption (the baby is going to a couple that are somehow distantly related to her). Her husband is with her, only two weeks ago he had kicked her out of his house but is letting her stay with him now. This man is so eager to sign away his rights, his lawyer comes to the hospital within hours of the baby's birth. Except, he wants a DNA test.

Why the DNA test? The gal says it is because they were at a party one night with some friends, got really drunk and passed out. Only, she woke up later with her panties around her ankles and her husband still passed out. She says that a friend of theirs at the party raped her.
Okay, makes sense but then who shows up at the hospital.........the supposed rapist. Demanding a DNA test as well.

Okay, if he's a rapist why is he walking around town and not in a jail cell? And why is he demanding a DNA test? Because according to him they had consentual sex and if that's his baby, he wants it.

The poor adoptive couple, they just want to take the baby and go home.
For this baby's sake I hope it belongs to the husband.

Glad that full moon is gone!!!

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