Sunday, June 14, 2009

If I would quit being a slacker, I wouldn't have to play catch up!

Has it really been since January that I posted last?!! Good grief, I have been slacking terribly with this blog.
Well, honestly not much has changed since is the same, school is kinda the same and the kids are growing by leaps and bounds.....

I managed to finish up the winter term with and A in Postpartum/Newborn an A in Community Assessment and a freakin B in Antepartum. I was so mad about that grade......the only B I have made in the program so far and the only one I plan to make. What makes me mad is that class was not hard but it seemed the instructors just nit-picked everything to death. The tests in that class were absolutely ridiculous! Most tests cover the info you really need to know and leave some of the more obscure stuff alone.....not this class, they expected you to know every minute detail about everything...grrrrrrr!

Okay, so the spring term is actually winding down right now. The intrapartum class has been a breeze and honestly could have easily been completed in 6 weeks but they have absolutely drug this thing out as much as they possibly could.....a bit annoying! Just the final exam left in that class and I am taking it this week. The Women's Health class has been interesting and enjoyable. I am doing well in it and only have the final exam left in this class as well, will probably take it tomorrow or Wednesday. I still have my marketing research paper to finish writing but am giving myself until the 21st to get it written and's just kind of tortorous because it's just alot of plugging in and explaining survey results.

Next term has Advanced Antepartum (same instructors, not really looking forward to it!), Advanced Postpartum/Newborn and Research (yuck!!!!).

On an exciting note, I am attending Clinical Bound this summer and will be starting clinicals the first of October........woo hoo! I can't wait to start putting all the stuff I am learning into practice so it gels in my little head. So, the count down is beginning and my goal is to finish clinicals in February (if not sooner) and hopefully have comps and boards behind me by mid April.