Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Midwife on a Mission

Ruth Lubic is one amazing woman! I hope I still have this kind of energy and passion at 81 years young.


Towards the end of the interview the reporter says that Ruth keeps babies out of prenatal care when he means intensive care (NICU).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Okay, at one time I said I would post a list of abbreviations used in labor and delivery......so here it is and I have included some gyn stuff too.

I'm sure if I have missed anything all my OB friends out there in bloggerland will chime in and add to the list (or make any corrections :)

AB abortion
AP antepartum
MAB - missed abortion
SAB - spontaneous abortion
TAB - therapeutic abortion
EAB - elective abortion
AFP Alpha Fetoprotein
MSAFP - maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein
AMA advanced maternal age
AFI amniotic fluid index
AROM artificial rupture of membranes
BBOW bulging bag of water
BPP biophysical profile
CPD cephalopelvic disproportion
CST contraction stress test
CT chlamydia trachomatous
CVS chorionic villi sampling
D & C dilatation & curettage
D & E dilatation & evacuation
DIC disseminating intravascular coagulopathy
DI/DI dichorionic/diamniotic twins
EDC/EDD estimated date of confinement/estimated date of delivery
EFM electronic fetal monitoring.......cEFM continuous electronic fetal monitoring
EFW estimated fetal weight
EGA estimated gestational age
FAVD forceps assisted vaginal delivery
FHR/FHT fetal heart rate/fetal heart tracing or tone
FLM fetal lung maturity
FSE fetal scalp electrode
FTP failure to progress
GBS group B beta streptococcus
GC gonorrhea
GDM gestational diabetes mellitus
GH gestational hypertension (the most currently correct name for PIH)
GIFT gamete intra-fallopian tube transfer
G_P_ gravida, para (TPAL - term, preterm, abortions, living children)
GTD gestational trophoblastic disease
HCG human chorionic gonadotropin
BHCG - beta human chorionic gonadotropin (usually serum)
UHCG - urinary human chorionic gonadotropin
HELLP hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets
HSV herpes simplex virus
IP intrapartum
IUD intrauterine device
IUFD intrauterine fetal death
IUGR intrauterine growth retardation
IUI intrauterine insemination
IUP intrauterine pregnancy
IUPC intrauterine pressure catheter
IVF in vitro fertilization
LDR labor, delivery, recovery (all in one room)
LDRP labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum
LEEP loop electrical excision procedure
LGA large for gestational age
LMP last menstrual period
LOA/LOT/LOP left occiput anterior/left occiput transverse/left occiput posterior
LOF leaking of fluid
LTCS/LVCS low transverse C- section/low vertical C-section
MBU mother/baby unit
MVU Montevideo units
NB newborn
NBN newborn nursery
NICU neonatal intensive care unit
NST non-stress test
NSVD normal spontaneous vaginal delivery
NT nuchal translucency
NTD neural tube defect
OCP oral contraceptive pills
OT occiput transverse
PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
PIH pregnancy induced hypertension
POC products of conception
POD/PPD post-operative day/postpartum day
PP postpartum
PPH postpartum hemorrhage
PPROM preterm premature rupture of membranes
PROM premature rupture of membranes
PTL preterm labor
PUBS percutaneous umbilical blood sampling
PUPPPS pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy
ROA/ROT/ROP right occiput anterior/right occiput transverse/right occiput posterior
ROM rupture of membranes
SGA small for gestational age
SRMC single room maternity care
SROM spontaneous rupture of membranes
STI sexually transmitted transmitted infection
SVE sterile vaginal exam
TOL trial of labor
UC uterine contraction
US ultrasound
VAVD vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery
VBAC vaginal birth after C-section

GYN related abbreviations
AGUS atypical glandular cells of unknown significance
ASCUS atypical squamous cells of unknown significance
BSO bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
BTL bilateral tubal ligation
CIN cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
EMB endometrial biopsy
ERT estrogen replacement therapy
HGSIL high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
HPL human placental lactogen
HPV human papilloma virus
HRT hormone replacement therapy
HSG hysterosalpingogram
LGSIL low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
TAH total abdominal hysterectomy
TOA tubo-ovarian abscess
TVH total vaginal hysterectomy VAIN vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia
VIN vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia