Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving forward

Okay, so the midwife is finally fully birthed!! I graduated with MSN the first week in June, passed my AMCB boards the first week of July and started a new job the first week of, I wonder what the first week of September will hold?
This blog was totally neglected during the last part of my education simply due to the amount of time I was spending in clinicals and studying for comps and boards. I really didn't want it to turn into a pity party and I was afraid that is what would happen given the amount of stress I was feeling and the precariousness of taking all those exams and then searching for a job! Fortunately that is all behind me now and I can breathe a little easier. I have joined a solo physician in his practice and since he has never had a midwife and I have never been employed as one we are kind of figuring things out as we go. Fortunately, he is a super nice guy and very encouraging. We have a very diverse clientele and I am really enjoying it! Haven't started catching babies yet, the paperwork for credentialing and hospital privileges is ridiculous! It will happen soon enough, just like in every other aspect of this midwifery journey I am learning to be more and more patient. Patience is a wonderful quality to have and I am taking all of this in as a life lesson that will make me a better person and midwife.
On a different note, I have loved summer but it sure has been hot! I am looking so forward to fall, the cool crisp mornings and changing colors of the leaves. What is your favorite season???