Monday, March 24, 2008

Time to.......focus

The mother-in-law came home on Friday and is recovering well. She should get completely back to normal but it will take a while. She is still very slow to respond when you talk with her but that is really the only deficit that she is suffering from.

The weather this weekend was so nice, in the upper 60's-lower 70's until Sunday then it was lower 60's and very blustery. This morning, 30 and SNOWING! The weather around here is so wacky, it's supposed to be in the 70's again by Wed.

I have access to all of my classes (class officially starts April 7) and boy do I have alot of reading to do. I am taking Pathophysiology, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and The Role of Midwifery and Birth Centers in America.
After looking at the syllabus, Patho is the only class I have tests in, but there are five of them and then one graded assignment.
Health promo has five assignments to complete as well as a health managment plan (that is the big paper for this class).
The Role class has two large papers, a journal assignment and I have to attend a birth center workshop. So, I guess I will be doing alot of writing this term....better get out the ol' APA manual!
I should be studying right now but instead I am perusing blogs and surfing the net. Not a good way to start out the term :) Bad habits are hard to break.

I haven't worked in a week and it has been so nice, but I am back tonight and then off again until next Monday. I really like this one-night-a-week thing, but that won't last long. I'll be back to two nights soon.

Since it is cold outside today, I think we'll be having some soup for supper tonight. Potato soup sounds good and hearty, so off I go to throw some taters in the oven.


Anonymous said...

hi there - i am new to your blog and enjoying it very much as I too am deciding between 2 midwifery programs (RN -BSN) one of which is Frontier however I also suffer from chronic procrastinatinism (LOL) and so it will be interesting to see how your journey goes and maybe it will help me decide what I should do. Anyhow, just wanted to say hello and that I will be following your journey (i have added you to the blog roll on my BLANK blog... gotta get to work on that) and also to recomend this program for your APA writings. I used it all thru nursing school as did others i recomended it to. its worth every (3,000) pennies!!!!!
good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

ooops. forgot the program link:

RN2CNM said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Time to get some good stuff written on yours :)

I am a chronic procrastinator (drives my husband nuts!!!)

The one thing I like about Frontier is that they have switched over to terms so you have hard deadlines that must be met. Some of the instructors even have hard deadlines within their courses to discourage people from turning everything in at the end of the term (they take off points after certain dates for specific assignments).

So, when are you moving to Nashville? Where are you moving from? I am just a couple hours from Nashville and considered the Vanderbilt program at one time.

Good luck in your decision making. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!