Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring break.....and more!

It is spring break, and oh how I love my kids but.......they are driving me crazy!
Until today the weather has not been very cooperative for going outside and doing so we're getting a bit stir crazy.
We went to the mall yesterday and to Sears for a new washer since mine decided to die on Tues. night. The new one is soooo much bigger than the old one, it should really cut down the time I spend washing clothes.

I am gearing up to start my classes on Monday. I am excited to get started but very anxious about the work load. I know that I can handle doing full-time school and working part-time but I have such a tendency to procrastinate. I am really trying to psyche myself out by telling myself how much I am going to learn and trying to get excited about the knowledge I will have and how my skills are going to really expand. But honestly, I am tired of going to school and I just want it to be over with. If I can just get through the next two years and know that time will pass very quickly.

I get very frustrated when people (esp. family) call you about something medical and then basically ignore everything you just said and do it their own way. Case in point: My mother-in-law is showing symptoms of a mild stroke that probably happened on Monday evening although no-one who had contact with her on Monday evening and Tuesday put the symptoms together and realized it until Wed. morning. When I was called and asked what I thought it was I told them it sounded like a TIA and to get her to the hospital ASAP.
My in-laws live in a very rural area and the only hospital is a satellite facility off of our large tertiary care center. Anyway, I told them to take her straight down to the large hospital (40min away) and to skip the satellite facility, there wasn't much they could do for her there except IV, labs and get her transferred (which would take FOREVER). I knew that the large hospital was on divert and would not take transfers but if she came in through the ED she would get cared for (the large hospital also has the only local accredited stroke center and has some incredible neurologist on staff).
Did they listen? Of course not, they stopped at the satellite facility instead of driving 40min more to the large hospital. Needless to say, they didn't do much except IV, labs and paperwork to get her transferred (this all took a total of 5hrs before she was transferred). And of course the large hospital was on divert so they took her to another local hospital, who took another 3 hrs to get her into a room.
My poor father-in-law is soooo frustrated at how slow everything has been at this facility that she is at. They ran an MRI on her first thing this morning but said they won't read it until tomorrow. What the..........?!!!!! And she has yet to be seen by a neurologist.
I am trying to just be sympathetic and help them understand the medical lingo and tests and such when I just want to scream, WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!
Please, don't call me for advice and then don't even bother to take it. No, I'm not right 100% of the time, but dang it 99% is pretty freakin good! :)

Now, off to Hobby Lobby after some lunch. Gotta get the munchkins outta the house before I pull my hair out, or lock myself in a closet!

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