Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Teaching...and more teaching

Well, it has been a busy few days. I started out on Saturday teaching one of those all-day Lamaze classes. You know, the ones where I try and cram in one 7-hr session the info that I usually teach in a 5-week/12-hr series (but I'll rant more on that at a later date).
Side-note: Ladies if you have any intention of having an unmedicated labor and birth do NOT take one of these classes, take the 5/6 week series classes. These classes always get so hung up on talking about interventions and asking so many questions about those (because most of these students have no intention of laboring without an epidural and think that there is no problem in "planning" your baby's birthday), it leaves very little time to teach any real hands on labor support and comfort techniques.

Then on Monday I taught a labor support class for nurses that I have developed for our unit. Our unit has recently undergone an expansion both physically and in staffing, so we have lots of nurses that are new to labor and birth. I have developed this class to teach our nurses how to really care for our mommies by being very hands on and informative and providing real labor support for them and their families.
Originally management had decided that this class would be mandatory for all nurses with less than two years labor experience and optional for the more seasoned gals. Well, I had the first class back in December and had a couple of experienced (one with 20+ years in labor) nurses in that class. Well, after they went back to the unit exclaiming how you "can teach an old dog new tricks" and how much they enjoyed the class it became mandatory for the newer gals and highly suggested for the rest. This class I had on Monday consisted of 13 nurses (5 of which had 15+ years labor experience) and we had so much fun. I had originally limited the class to 10 participants because it is hands on and requires participation but made an exception to this one because most were very experienced. I have been so encouraged at the positive comments that are being made about this class and I really think alot of the girls are learning some good ideas and I hope to see our patients really reap the benefits of this class very soon.
I also worked on Tuesday during day shift (night shift is my usual and I work nights for very good reasons) and was very busy, but the adventures of this day will come in a different post.
Then on Tuesday night I attended a dinner/educational session sponsored by a certain pharmaceutical company about their medication that is used to treat bipolar depression. It was very informative and interesting and it was held at a restaurant that I wouldn't normally just go to for dinner (very expensive, the type you go to for an anniversary dinner or special occasion) and the food was great! Got home late and the kiddos were already in bed so I had some nice quiet time with my love catching up on things we haven't had time to discuss in the last few days.

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