Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random rambling

I really dislike cold weather...and today, it's cold. I know some of you nor'easterners will be like 'what the..' This girl is wacko, 42 degress is not cold. Well, for me it is. I am as far north as I ever have any intention of going and would really like to be a bit farther south!

We spent the long President's day weekend in Myrtle Beach and I must say what a great weekend it was! My two oldest ran the Myrtle Beach 5k on Friday night and my husband did the Myrtle Beach marathon on Saturday morning. I have to say, my husband has run marathons all over the country and this one is, hands down, his favorite. And as a spectator I have to say it is very easy to navigate and be able to see your runners at different spots. This was our fourth year going to MB for this run and we plan on doing it every year.
The picture is my husband and my three boys--ages 11, 9 & 3.5 on the beach

I worked on Tuesday night and it was chaos. We walked in to a very busy unit, but do-able. Then, the triages just kept pouring in. I think we ended up admitting ten patients that night and delivering two of them---leaving 8 in labor for dayshift to contend with. I came in to a c/s in the OR, so I got her recovered then passed off to pick up a 10pm cervidil induction and a midnight pit induction. So I stayed busy myself with my patients and trying to help out where I could. By the time I left on Wed. morning ALL 23 LDRP rooms were full, all 3 triage rooms had laboring pt's in them and we were triaging a gal in the PACU (post-anesthesia care unit)--of all places. All of our mother/baby nurses had four couplets and all the labor gals had two apiece.

I had wanted to call work and check up on them last night but was just too tired and went to bed about 7pm. They only had 6 pt's going home yesterday, which would have gotten all the pt's out of triage and into rooms but still had a noon c/s to come in, and there is always one or two sent over from offices during the day so it will be interesting to see how they handled the 6 scheduled procedures that were supposed to come in last night. I'm so very glad I don't go back in until Friday night!!!!

Well, I leave for my orientation to graduate school on Monday. I still have to finish a novel and a computer class before I get there. I will be gone the week, getting back home sometime Friday afternoon. So, I have lots to do before then. Get the house and kids ready for the week without me and make sure all everyting is done and caught up so my Love doesn't stress out too much with me gone.

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