Thursday, February 7, 2008

A little information can go a long way....

Okay docs, if you're not going to "let" your patients take my Lamaze classes (I have been told they are then coming back and asking too many questions) then give them some idea of what to expect when they come in for their induction. Case in point; 18 y/o primagravida shows up @0115 am for her elective induction. Along with her she brings FOB, her mother, his mother and numerous other assorted family members for a total of about 15 people. The issue I have with this is that three of those people were kids (not her kids or his kids, just niece and nephews) the girl about 10 and two boys probably 4 and 6. At 0115 in the morning, you have got to be kidding!!!!! Did they not tell this girl the baby wouldn't be here for 10..12..18 hours or longer? No, they told her "come on in today and we'll have a baby" and "the baby is really low, you're going to go fast".
It really saddens me to see the insurmountable number of women who come in to have a baby that haven't bothered to; read a book, take a class, or even ask their physician about how this is going to happen and what it takes to birth a baby.
Some classic examples of birth ignorance (and I mean that as in 'lack of knowledge', not derogatory) are the grandmas that have shown up right when their daughter's arrive for her induction and then the shock that overcomes them after they ask you how long this will take and you tell them you hope their daughter has given birth by the time you come back for your shift this evening! But aren't inductions supposed to make it all go faster! My goodness things are supposed to go swiftly and easily in theses days of technology, it's not like it was back when they had babies! (sarcasem intended)
Or the primagravida who pushes twice and then gets upset that you haven't called the doctor yet, they might miss the delivery!!! And you have to explain to them (as kindly and gently as possible) that they may push for as little as 30 minutes and as long as a few hours and that the doctor will not arrive until the very end.
Please! please! Just give them the basics; the average length of labor and pushing, that they have to have an IV to get....pitocin..epidural...nubain..etc. I always feel like the bad guy when I have to give them a "reality check" after their physician has made it all sound so quick and easy. So ladies, please educate yourself and don't rely on someone else to take care of it all. It will really cut down on the anxiety if you at least know what we are going to do to you before you get there for us to do it!

But I guess as long as shows like Baby Story are out there some people will think that is all the education and preparation they need.

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