Sunday, February 3, 2008


Okay, so one of my Lamaze students was due on Friday. She called me that afternoon after having and appt. with her MD (whom I generally enjoy working with) to tell me he wanted her at the hospital the following morning for induction since she was now "postdates". She had called to see if I would be working this weekend and be able to take care of her, well unfortunately my husband is out of town this weekend and I am not scheduled to work.
Sooo, they used cytotec on her all day yesterday, to no avail of course. Then, switched over to cervidil last night, only she accidentally pulled it out after just a few hours while going to the bathroom. So, more cytotec through the night.
I just spoke with her and they started her Pitocin this morning and her MD came in and broke her water, he told her she was 2cm at that time and her nurse just checked her and said she is still 2cm and the baby is still high (her primary nurse is a good friend of mine and says her pelvis is roomy and the baby doesn't feel too big, so she is trying all the tricks she can think of to help her get moving).
I just have that awful sinking feeling in my gut that this is not going to end the way she wanted it to. She originally wanted to have an unmedicated birth but at this point says she will take an epidural if that's what it takes to get her through the pit induced contractions and be able to birth vaginally. Her husband is with her and is such a good support for her and she has a doula as well. At this point I am really just being in prayer for her and hoping things turn out well.
Why, why, why? Postdates?!!!! Seriously now!

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