Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catchin' babies

Okay, school requires 40 catches to complete clinicals and so far I have 14.....still have a long way to go.
So here are some stats so far: 6 girls 8 boys, 5 unmedicated births (2 of these were standing with me on my knees) only 4 perineal repairs (none worse than slight 2nd degree), smallest baby was 6#9oz and the largest 8#15oz. There were 7 first time moms, 4 second babies and 3 that are baby #4.
I expect to have more than 20 by the first of the preceptor has 6 or 7 due between now and then and I am also taking call with another midwife in the practice so that I can get these catches in sooner rather than later!
Seeing alot of interesting stuff in the office and really enjoying getting to know the patients and really bonding with some of, just gotta convince the docs in this practice to hire me when I am finished.
Oh, for all of you full scope midwives out many patients do you typically see in the office on an average day? My preceptor usually has 25-30 patients scheduled per day and that number TOTALLY overwhelms me! I do great and feel competent (as competent as a SNM can feel anyway) with about 12-15 and my preceptor is great about making sure I only do as many as I am comfortable doing and not get overwhelmed.

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Ciarin said...

I see about 20-30 patients a day on average. Depends on the type of appointments scheduled as there are obviously different time slots allotted for different appointments. When I was a student I only saw about 8-10 patients a day ...mostly due to standing around waiting on a midwife to report to on each patient. I was incredibly intimidated by the thought of seeing a full schedule. When I started working, I had extra time blocked in my schedule for the first week and a half. I very quickly was up to speed. Don't stress about will do fine!