Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whew.......I survived!

First term........done! I believe I pulled all three A's. Still waiting on grades for two of the classes but I would have to done REALLY bad on the last assignment for each to not receive an A!

Feeling quite proud of myself right about now. I managed to; go to school full-time, work part-time, have three boys playing baseball (two of them play for travel teams-translation; practice or games 6 days a week!), sit on the all-volunteer board for the local youth athletic association (more work than I EVER imagined), and get straight A's. My husband is feeling a bit slighted but totally gets it now that he has seen all the time and work I put into school......just keep reminding him it will all be worth it in the end.

Term recap: Three classes. The Role of Nurse-Midwifery class consisted of two large papers, an oral presentation and a weekend workshop.
Pathophysiology consisted of a short paper and five exams.
Health promotion consisted of ALOT of reading!!!! This class had a 3-5 page essay, a forum assignment, a research assignment, a group project and a really large (15-20page) health management plan.
The big thing that is going to take alot of adjustment is moving from the role of carrying out health care provider orders to thinking like a primary care provider.
One thing about all of these courses: the reading is intense. There is soooooooo much of it, for all the classes!
Very glad that term is over and done with.

Looking forward: Three classes again. Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology.....looks like a fun class. I am looking forward to this one. I know it won't be easy but should hold my interest.
Decision Making in Health Assessment.....learning to think like a primary health care provider. Learning to use critical thinking skills and diagnostic reasoning skills. I should learn alot here!
Theories and Concepts in Primary Care......confession time; I'm not to enthusiastic about this class. Never really liked theory much at all. This will be the class I have a hard time being motivated to work on!

So that is school, as of right now, in a nut-shell.

Just ordered my books....almost $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got lucky last term and only had to buy one book and managed to get it from a student ahead of me for less than half the original price. Well, my good fortune has run out because she got rid of all the books for these classes. I don't mind buying the books for the repro and health assess classes because I intend to keep those but didn't want to fork out the bucks for the theory books. Oh well, maybe I can sell them to someone next term.

Well, next week I am working three days to try and make some $$ before the next term starts. I plan on cutting down to one day a week until I see how these classes are going to play out. I can usually pick up extra shifts but don't want to get overwhelmed by signing up for too many shifts and then get behind in school or be so stressed I take it out on my family.

Now, I think the kids and I will head to a movie since it's cloudy and overcast. Maybe we can get some time in at the pool this week!


Sarah Stewart said...

Good luck with the course and enjoy your break. cheers Sarah

SNM YEAH!!! said...

YEAAAH you made it! I'm right behind you:)