Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to where I started.....

Well, I keep getting low census at work so I called the big house (the large tertiary care center with high-risk L&D, where I started out as a nurse) and they are short staffed on night shifts so I am picking up about one shift a week with them. I have worked two nights so far and am loving being back. There are only three nurses left on night shift from 31/2 years ago when I worked there but the night crew is alot of fun. Most of the gals I used to work with have moved on to dayshift, or gone elsewhere. The night shift is a young crew but very nice and welcoming. I am glad I made the decision to "come home".

Frankly, I love working in the single-room maternity care setting and having the normal laboring patients but there is just something about those high-risk patients that keeps you on your toes and makes you keep your critical thinking skills sharp!

I have four patients tonight al l with different problems and levels of acuity. I have done alot of tear wiping and just plain listening tonight. I forgot how intense emotionally some of this can be. I like to bond with my patients and provide them some emotional support as well as nursing care during this time. I hope to make a difference in their experience and help them be as comforted as possible during such a difficult time.

School only has three weeks left and I still have lots to do. Currently in the middle of two large papers and still have two test to finish in patho. That would be the reason I don't blog much these days...wish I had more time to read others blogs and update more often on mine.
I will do a term recap at the end of this month and update everyone on how the term went and how I did.

Well, time to go put all my gals on NST's (non-stress test) and draw labs.

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SNM YEAH!!! said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. I figured you being MIA was all due to school. I'm trying to enjoy my last month of freedom and doing some overtime before school start. You only have 3 weeks left, you can do this!