Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally catching babies!

Since I started my new job in August I have only been doing office work while waiting for the credentialing process to run its course. It really has been a blessing that I wasn't taking call and delivering babies while still getting accustomed to the office culture. I think I would have been completely overwhelmed.
There are two healthcare organizations in the area that I will be catching babies in their facilities. One is a private organization and I was just given notice last week that I have been approved temporary privileges until their board of governors meets in January to make everything official. The other organization is public and has two facilities either of which my patients can choose to give birth at. I have been reassured that as long as the Medical Director signs off on my application before December 1st, I will be granted privileges then. The private organization has not made any requirements for my privileges but the public facility requires my first 25 catches to be observed by my "supervising" physician. It's funny because the same physicians are on the OB committees at both facilities and basically interchange as Medical Directors for the facilities but have these different requirements.

So, I caught my first baby as a CNM two evenings ago. It was a twin delivery and baby B was frank breach so my physician was right there with me. I caught baby A quickly and easily, he was 6#3oz and came out screaming. Baby B never did move into a vertex position so my physician basically did that delivery with the help of some Piper forceps. Both babies are so incredibly cute and doing very well.

I am on call this weekend and have just sent a mom to the hospital for a labor check so baby #2 could be well on his way!

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