Thursday, January 22, 2009

Work is getting crazy!

I am sooooo freakin tired!!!!

Last night was a total zoo at work! Our unit typically has 165-200 deliveries a month, so we are fairly steady. On the busiest night we will admit 5 or so scheduled procedures and have maybe 3 or 4 triages, that mostly go home. Well, last night we had 10 triages and I think only sent 1 or 2 home and had to call off the scheduled procedures because we had no more nurses and no more rooms! When I left this morning I had just put a laboring patient in the last empty room, the morning's scheduled c-section was being pre-opped in the PACU and we still had one patient being triaged in one of our three triage rooms. I hate to even think of what dayshift is like today!

The one bright spot was a great little couple I had the privilege of laboring. It was their fourth child and she came in to "just get checked" she said she had been having contractions every evening for the last three nights and just wanted to see if they were doing anything, she fully expected me to send her home.....NOT happening. She was 6cm! She was so surprised when I told her, it was great!

She had a wonderful unmedicated birth, two hours after she arrived at the hospital. She didn't get to labor in the shower like we had planned. I was warming up the water for her and getting her towels laid out when she started vomitting (she stood by the bed the whole time leaning over the bedside table) and her water broke, puddling between her legs. This is when she started getting some pressure during the peaks of contractions and we felt it best to hang close to the bed, she really didn't want to move much at this point anyway, it seemed like an insurmountable task to to her to get in and out of the shower at 8cm dilated!

On a less stressful note, I get to spend the evening having dinner with the local CNM's. I really enjoy getting together with these ladies, they are such a wonderful group and always keep me encouraged and pushing forward.

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