Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Chaos

So, it is the last few days of the year, and what does every pregnant family want right now? A birthed baby, of course. Gotta have that tax deduction and there are only a few days between Christmas and New Year's in which to get in all these deliveries so healthcare providers don't get their holiday festivities interrupted.

I hate working this week, but I knew we were going to be slammed, and being on winter break from school, I have the time and need the money.

Last night was a zoo......eight scheduled procedures to come in, not to mention the five triages we had. Three of those stayed and two or them delivered before shift change. Tonight will be no different.....there are seven procedures scheduled and we will be tightly staffed because all those who came in last night will be delivered so half the scheduled staff will be doing postpartum tonight. This will leave just enough nurses to take care of the scheduled procedures.......heaven forbid a triage walk through the door. The powers to be just don't understand that! They fill us up with procedures and make no concession for the women who actually go into labor and just show up.......what? women can actually go into labor on their own? you don't have to schedule their deliveries....grrrrrr!!!

Okay, just had to rant a little.

Hope everyone is gearing up for a great start to the new year! Bring on 2009!!

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