Monday, August 18, 2008

Tired and unmotivated............

I want to be done with midwifery school......NOW! Sorry for the shouting, just feeling unmotivated and just plain over it right now.
I am stuck. I have been working on a theory paper for a week now and haven't made squat for progress. I am over this paper and over this class! Because I have been so hung up on this stupid paper I haven't done my reading for my other two classes in a week. I think if I can just get this paper out of the way the rest of this class will roll pretty well and I can get the other two classes back in gear.
I am on week 7 of this term, so just five more left before the next term starts. I am in a good place with the reproductive A&P class, just two more tests left to take. The health assessment class is interesting so I can really get caught up on it this weekend pretty easily. Just finding the motivation to pound out the theory paper is my real issue right now.

I am also feeling a bit weepy today....worked last night and didn't make it home in time to see my oldest before he left for his first day of middle school :(
He is attending a local private school that is very big on personal responsibility and independence. I am used to dropping him off at school at 0845 and picking him up at 1530, at a school that is 3 minutes from my house. I used to eat lunch with him at least one day a week.
Now, he gets dropped of by his dad at 0730 and remains at school until his dad picks him up at 1720. He has cross country practice after school, so he is not just "hanging out" until his dad get there, he actually only has 20 minutes from the time cross country ends until his dad gets there. This school is also 30 minutes from my house and the campus is HUGE (like >600 acres huge), so I don't foresee the weekly lunches anymore (esp. not with gas prices the way they are). The school he attends is also a boarding school so there are always students, faculty and many other adults is a very busy campus.
I can't wait until he gets home today......I want to hear all about his day. I know he's totally loving it! He has been excited for school to start ever since he got his acceptance letter, way back in March!

I am going to go take a quick nap, throw some tacos together for supper and then take the middle child to football practice.

Tonight I am going to work really hard on that paper.......maybe if I type it here I can hold myself to it :)


Nene said...

i know how hard it can be to get going so i just wanted to send you good vibes to get in the grove and get that paper done and out of the way. you know you will feel SOOO much better when you do! Hope it goes well (try that APA program if you can - it will help A TON! if it must be APA)

Hope your son is having a wonderful 1st week at his new school - sounds fantastically exciting for him@

AtYourCervix said...

Keep up the good work with school! You'll feel sooooo much better when you have that paper done!

SNM YEAH!!! said...

I see we have similar gripes on doing papers. We will definitely get thru this. Much love!