Sunday, May 18, 2008

Affirmations from Kneelingwoman

You absolutely must read this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But first, take a moment to open your heart and your mind and really listen to what she is saying. This woman puts so very eloquently into words the truth of how so many women are made to feel because of how they choose to parent/birth/breastfeed/bottlefeed/live/love and the list goes on...............

I really love the following from this post:

In the beginning, there was woman.

Before a woman is a mother; she is a woman.

Before a woman is a mother, she is someone's partner and lover.

A woman is more than her mothering; more than her birth and parenting choices.

A woman should be a free agent; encouraged and empowered by her sisters to make her own best choices in all areas.

A woman who gives birth is a mother; regardless of how.

A woman who feeds her child is a good mother; regardless of how.

A woman who takes care of her primary relationship is a good mother because the relationship between the parents' is the foundation for that child's life. Without the example of loving partnership set by the parents; the child has no ability to create or sustain relationships in his own life.

A woman who is honest about her needs and who knows how to get those needs met; is a good mother. A woman who knows her limits, chooses freely, each day, what is needed for that days life, sets an example of flexibility, openness to new ideas and creativity.

Now that you have had a small teaser.....go read the post in its entirety for yourself and ponder the things she says and really take them to heart.

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